GFH Capital

With experience from some of the world’s top financial institutions, GFH Capital’s Sharia Compliancy Committee is a formidable asset to our brand.

  • Shaikh Nizam Yaqooby.
    Sh. Nizam holds a number of memberships of different Sharia boards at different institutions. He is an Executive Member of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, a Member of Bahrain Islamic Bank and Shamil Bank, a Board Member of the Dow Jones Islamic Index, and a member of other leading Islamic banks.
  • Dr. Fareed Hadi.

    Dr. Hadi is an Assistant Professor at the College of Arts in the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Bahrain. He holds a PhD in Ibn Hazm’s Methodology of Jahala from Edinburgh University, UK, and a PhD in Al-Bukhari’s Methodology from the University of Mohammed V, Morocco. Dr. Hadi is also a member of the Sharia supervisory boards of a number of leading Islamic banks.

  • Dr. Mohammed Abdulsalam.

    Dr. Abdulsalam is the Head of Sharia and Corporate Secretary at GFH. Prior to joining GFH in 2006, Dr. Abdulsalam worked with some of the most prestigious Islamic financial institutions in Bahrain. He was a Sharia Auditor at Kuwait Finance House (KFH) and an Internal Auditor at Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB). Dr. Abdulsalam obtained his Islamic Accounting Bachelorette in 2003 from Al-Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud University in Saudi Arabia. He is also a holder of an Accounting and Financial Control MBA and a PhD in Accounting from the United States, California. He also pursued additional qualifications, including a Masters of Sharia and Accounting Standards for AAOIFI, and the Sharia Control Fatwa of Islamic banks.