GFH Capital

How we may help you? GFH Capital Limited (the “Firm”) is committed to providing the highest standard of service to its customers. However, should there ever be an occasion when you feel that we have failed to honor our promise and that you need to complain, we will do everything possible to ensure that your complaint is dealt fairly, promptly and effectively.

The information provided here will show you how to:

  • Make a complaint
  • Escalate if you are not satisfied with the response of your complaint
  • Take further action if you are unhappy with the outcome

The quickest way to have your complaint addressed is to follow the procedure detailed below:

1. Contact Person
Your complaint must be in writing and should be addressed to: GFH Capital Limited.

2. Submission of Written Complaints
You have a number of options to submit your complaint:

  1. Hand delivery to GFH Capital Office (reception) located @ 401, Level 4, Precinct Building 3, DIFC, Dubai.
  2. Via Fax @ +971 4 3637324
  3. Courier to the following address:
    GFH Capital Ltd.
    Level 4, 401, Precinct Building 3 DIFC
    PO Box 506544
    Dubai, UAE.
  4. Or scan and email the written complaint to:

Note: Your complaint must be marked to the ‘Complaint Handling Officer’. In compliance with the Complaints Handling Policy of GFH Capital Ltd, the Firm has delegated tits Compliance Officer to ensure that your complaint is acknowledged, properly investigated, and that the Firms response is adequately communicated to you.

3. What happens once your complaint is submitted?

  1. Once you have submitted your complaint, we will acknowledge within seven (7) business days.
  2. Your complaint will be referred to the concerned person/department, which will investigate it thoroughly, and a written response letter detailing the outcome of our investigation and our decision shall be provided to you within four (4) weeks of receiving your complaint.
  3. In the unlikely event that your complaint is not answered within the timeframes mentioned in point 3(b), we will write and let you know the reasons why and the further action that we will take including when we anticipate to have concluded our investigation. We will ensure that a your complaint is resolved or / and Final Response Letters is sent within 60days from the date of receipt of the original complaint
  4. After receiving the final response to your escalated complaint, and if you are still not satisfied, you can write directly to the relevant department of the Dubai Financial Services Authority (the “DFSA”) at the below mentioned contact details.DFSA
    Level 13 The Gate, PO Box 75850, Dubai, UAE
    Facsimile +971 (0)4 362 0801;

4. Our commitment

At all times during this complaint process:

  • You will be treated with courtesy;
  • Your information will be treated with confidentiality; and
  • You have the right to enquire about the progress of your complaint.