GFH Capital

We have worked hard to reposition the brand and put in the right structure to ensure our long term prosperity and continuous progression even during times of economic uncertainty. We have undergone a necessary evolution and are now well placed to take advantage of the great opportunities which lie ahead.

We have given endless efforts over the past 4 years identifying opportunities that allowed us to practice our expertise and utilise resources to add and build value. Our solid strategy has a core pillar of leveraging our vast expertise. We seek the essence of effective investment through working with management teams to create the right scenarios for maximum growth and realise potential. This includes providing investee companies with access to additional capital, talent expertise, and operational enhancements essential to expansion and value creation.

Despite the challenging markets conditions globally and in the MENA region over the past several years, we have nevertheless been successful in developing a track record of achievement that we are proud of and which continues to grow. This has included investment success and strong yields from investments in our MENA markets, as well as through our international remit including key investments that we have made in Europe and North America.

Today we manage a highly diversified portfolio of global assets valued at more than US$ 227mil across geographies, sectors and asset classes. In managing these assets, we take a proactive approach and both employ our own deep and growing pool of talent, as well as a pursuing a strategy of partnership. Where necessary, we supplement our own expertise and that of the top tier management teams through the development of strategic alliances with world-class experts and groups on the ground.

Also central to our investment philosophy is shared value and interests. We maintain a sharp focus on undertaking investments and working with companies to ensure their goals and aspirations are effectively aligned with ours. This has been a formula for success and we are working to further build our portfolio of blue-chip assets and continue to bring new and unique investment opportunities to the Group and our investors across the GCC.