About GFH Capital

GFH Capital takes a long-term perspective and invests in growth companies at all stages of development; from founding start-ups and fostering growth in developing companies to leading complex recapitalisations or large-scale buy-outs of more mature businesses.

GFH Capital, formerly known as Injazat Capital, is one of the Middle East’s foremost private equity investors, advisors and fund managers, providing capital and strategic support for growth companies. With a 10-year track record of top-performing investments and fund management, GFH Capital is one of the region’s longest-established private equity firms, and one of the first to be licensed by the Dubai Financial Services Authority. As a result of our growing reputation and our experienced teams, we also enjoy unique relationships with numerous Government and intra-Governmental organisations, leading financial institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals, and have unparalleled access to prominent decision makers.

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